What We Do

Online Gaming Industry Consultants

We are a highly experienced team of gaming industry professionals, specialists in all areas of the gambling product value chain. Including; casino, poker, live dealer casino, sports betting and e-sports. Whether you are at ‘idea-stage’ or are existing operators, we can assist. We provide consultation services to startups and operational management services.

“We work with independent startups and major gambling platform operators. Quite simply; if you are new to the industry or in need of expertise, products or platforms, a reach out to us could prove very important to your business. We have assisted small startups launch product and have rescued failing, multi-million dollar businesses, with an injection of common sense and industry knowledge.  “. Andy Power.

Andy has over 35 years of gambling industry experience, ranging from developing new brick and mortar casinos to producing complex online gaming software products, online casinos and poker rooms.

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White Label & Turnkey Casino Platforms

From concept to operation. We offer the best gambling products and platforms at the very best prices.

Feature Rich Online Casino Platforms

Leading Games Providers

We will only introduce our clients to the Worlds leading online game providers and platform operators. All providers we work with are licensed and trusted.


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Online gaming White Label startup from as little as €20,000. Full project management and operational management available. Including; affiliate software integration, customer relations management software.

Online Gaming Startup Specialists

There is no doubt that the global online gaming industry is in growth and many innovations are coming to the market. We at RealDealGaming, regularly receive calls from individuals and companies who believe that they have the next ‘PokerStars’ or ‘Fanduel’. And, in some cases,  huge sums of personal or investor funds have been spent. Unfortunately, they may have seen their business. However, we have turned around several such businesses. And, in some cases, it just needed a push in the right direction or a personal introduction. In others, it required a complete re-development. Sadly, in a few small cases, the ‘visionary’ could not be helped, even with divine intervention!

Knowledge Is Key

  • If we do not know the answer, we know someone who does.
  • If we cannot provide the platform or services you require, we will introduce you to someone who can.
  • Like an experienced mechanic knows how an engine works, we have experienced gaming consultants who understand the gaming industry
  • We offer transparency. We will only charge you for the work that you engage us to do. Therefore, there are no hidden fees, add-ons, 3rd-party commissions or introductory fees.

Recent Clients

Client 1:

An online player thought he had come up with industry innovation, an amazing concept. Over some time, he convinced others to invest millions of dollars for product development. Unfortunately, the enterprise failed. Product launch failed several times. At a gaming expo, we met with the client and his investor, later agreeing to represent them as consultants. 


During the initial consultation, it became clear there were two key areas responsible for the failure: There was a lack of knowledge and industry experience. Also, the software was unfit for the product application. We provided a business plan to the client and his investors. The client engaged us as Project Managment. Within eight months, we had facilitated the launch of a unique online gaming product. The software was integrated into the systems of one of Worlds major online gaming platform providers. We over-delivered, at around 3% of the clients’ original startup spend.

Client 2:

The client had been working with a consultant with limited gaming industry experience. The business was making some revenues, but the client thought it should make more; players were not engaging with the product in numbers. The client asked for a consultation with us, the purpose; to see if we could suggest how the product could be adapted or improved.


We met with the principles and suggested several opportunities that could be available to them with a re-development of the product. The opportunities included; B2B, White Labelling, gamification and mobile applications. The client and his investors were very happy with our suggestions and wished to engage us for Project Management. However, we declined the offer at the time but prepared for them a detailed business plan and introduced industry experienced software developers.

The client chose to take his consultants’ advice over ours and engage his choice of a software developer. The project is currently three months late. The original website and system are down, with broken links, missing images and the products are not working. The game app has failed to appear in the stores.

Initial Consultation

Whether you have industry experience or not, whatever your requirements are, we will sit down with you and discuss them in detail. We need to understand what you are trying to achieve.

We do not charge for an initial consultation.