Social Mobile Club Poker

Social, mobile club poker apps such as PPPoker and Poker Bros are in the app and play stores, advertised as social games only and not for real money poker. Nevertheless, these apps are being used by individuals to offer real money gambling by taking cash and deposits from players personally. Therefore the player deposits are at risk. A google search or a search of poker forums will provide many examples of clubs simply dissapearing with player bankrolls. However, there is a legal option.

Legal Club Poker

We support a mobile poker app licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority that has the same or better functionality of the social poker apps. Because it is licensed, players can deposit with many payment providers such as; debit cards, Skrill, Netent, Muchbetter, Paysafe and many more. Also, as a licensed online poker product, the player deposits are ring-fenced and thus secure.

Club Owner

We are seeking club owners. A club owner could be a land-based poker events organiser, a bar/pub poker group or even a home game. Some of our club operators have a few players, and they use the revenue that the club generates to run freerolls and offer prizes. Some club owners have hundreds of players, and the revenue this generates is substantial.

It does not matter how many players a club has because it will be part of a ‘Circle’. The Poker Alliance circle brings clubs together so that the players can take advantage of a more significant player pool than with players just from their club. However, the club owner can still operate private cash tables and tournaments within the club.

Operate Your Club.

Contact us here, and we will provide all the information required to get started. We will take you through the setup and provide banners with the poker schedule, major tournament information and assist with social media.

Chat Soon.