Management Services

We provide consultancy and management services for all online gambling products. Whatever your requirements,  from product sourcing and consultation, website developement, to a full startup and operational management package. If you are a marketeer and think you can drive traffic, why not let us develop, build and operate your gambling website for you.

Consulting & Management Services include:

White Label, Turnkey or API Solutions for:

  • Poker – standalone, network, mobile, Agent & Club.
  • Sports Betting – real money, P2P betting exchange.
  • Casino – the best casino games and slot providers.
  • Live Dealer – award winning operators.
  • Bingo
  • Esports
  • Daily Fantasy Sports
  • Crypto

Whatever you requirements, we can assist. Contact us today.

The Best Games and Gaming Software

We only work with proven providers. Online gaming operations require complex systems to provide analytics and player reporting. We consult, setup and manage gaming websites in the global markets. Therefore, our staff need to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can provide our clients with instant analysis of revenue and profitability of their operation, at any time, day or night.

We will integrate back-office solutions that assist with the day-to-day management for your online gaming operation, such as CRM and Affiliate systems.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Every player that visits your website is a potential customer, but first, they need to register, then deposit and play for you to earn revenue. Our staff use the very latest CRM systems and techniques to track every player’s activities from the moment they register, then daily ongoing. This way, we can create an effective marketing and retention strategy, optimised and segmented to maximise conversion rates and player lifetime values.

CRM allows us to create bespoke campaign promotions. For example; a slot game provider launches a new game and wishes to provide a tournament or free spins to players to promote the game in a particular country. Our staff can analyse the gaming habits of players from the country, then utilising this information create a bespoke email marketing campaign to promote the new game to the best possible target audience.

Affiliate Marketing System

We integrate and operate the very best Affiliate Marketing System for our clients.

Unfortunately, a common mistake that some online gaming operators make is not to embrace affiliates. Some see them as just a ‘necessary evil’ that will draw down profits. That is far from the truth; the online gaming industry would not be where it is today without affiliate marketing. Affiliates drive players to your gaming brand through promotion on blog, review and news sites. In return, the operator pays the affiliate a commission. Almost all operators have a dedicated website that the affiliate can sign up to. This website will state the affiliate commission rate and the terms and conditions. For most brand operators, this will be the sum of their  interaction with the affiliate. We understand the affiliate sector and respect their value to the industry. Whis is why we use our Affiliate Marketing System tools to analyse every affiliate’s interaction with the brand and the volume of traffic they send. We can then utilise this information to tailor specific campaigns for individual affiliate partner. The result is a win-win for our client (the operator) and the affiliate.