We are proud to have been chosen to develop and manage this brand for the online casino market.

Consulting Services

We are chosen by clients for our experience with online gambling start ups. And so, after an initial consultation with the client, we presented them with a proposal. The client chose to engage us and the next step was to match their gaming platform requirements to operators. After a couple of days, we presented three options and discussed at length the pros and cons (if any) of each option.

Set Up

The client engaged RealDealGaming to set up the gaming platform to include casino table games, slots and poker. Therefore, we went to work immediately, even before contracts were confirmed. Next, is the due diligence, which takes time. However, having done this many times, we were able to guide the client. So, within just a few weeks, we had a the first draft of the website and met with the clients to discuss.


We have very experienced marketing professionals and we introduced them to the client. Brand engagement is very important,  we gave the team an overview of the markets that we were aiming for and after many hours the branding team came up with 3RedBats. The client loved it and we ran with it.

Pre – Launch

The platform is ready and tested.  3RedBats.com is a crisp, feature rich online casino with slots, live dealer, poker and skill games. Finally, the branding has been completed, and it is time to think about a product launch. As well as the set up and branding, we have incorporated the Customer Relations Management Software and created the Affiliate website. All marketing materials have been created and support set up,. At this point we would hand over to the Management Team. However….


RealDealGaming have been engaged to provide the Operational Management. Therefore, at the time of writing this, we are heading to Malta and a gaming industry expo (SIGMA) to meet with key partners that will assist in driving the brand forward. we will keep you informed, or you can go and play…...play here now

Our team are providing Management Services including Affiliate Marketing, Customer Relations and Player Support.

We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with 3RedBats.